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Lifting My life up 10 Notches!

I have always wanted to go visit the Grand Canyon. I longed to see the sunset and sunrise. Yet, when we arrived it rained for 2 days straight and the clouds casted a snowy blanket over the Canyon.  The day we were to depart I went for a walk and to my suprise, and what appeared like a scene out of a movie, the clouds quickly began to part and it was as if the  heavens opened and I could start seeing shades of glorious reds.  The combination of the thick mist, rock, nature and the miracle of the land that was present before me captivated my inner spirit. It awakened a peace inside me that took my breath away and  I could hear the rocks whisper amongst themselves as the fresh, cool air whistled musical interludes of tranquility. If one did not believe we had heaven on earth, they would with just one view of this  miraculous site.


I could not resist the temptation of hiking through an area that would allow me to sit at the edge of a cliff and soak in the mist and reach out and touch the clouds. My heart was beating fast and I was filled with a sense of adventure.  When can you ever get close enough to being inside a cloud and feeling its thickness embracing your skin? Well, I was in it and my spirit was lifted with a sense of wonder. I stayed in that moment as the clouds made their way to their new destination.  I will forever remember sitting on the edge of the cliff and when I looked down I could not even see the bottom. I was high in the air and high in this moment of life.


My Dedication to the Canyon… The White mist, embracing the Canyon below, an overcast of silence that takes my breath away connecting to the solitude and restoring an energy inside my soul. I called out to you and you came, mother nature blessed  me with a site. A site that will be marked in my mind forever. My voice echoing sounds and the rocks speaking back to me. This land of wonder is piercing my spirit and recharging my inner goddess. I am awakened by the unknown and the magic that exists before me. This land is my land, this land is God’s home.

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