Are you Part of a World that Works?

Every month I am part of a global conversation where leaders around the world discuss what it is going to take to transform the world that is unrecognizable. Where racism, self doubt, war, hate, starvation, discrimination are not part of the future. We are creating leaders that go up against controversy and don’t back down. History has proven to us that when human beings come together to stand for Love, peace and freedom, a shift is ignited and change comes alive. I believe that one day, conversations like childhood hunger, poverty, hate crimes, racial conversations and suicide will be something our children cannot believe even existed as they live in a world where their spirits are guided only by the power of love. Look in your life to see what you can do, even the smallest action that could Lead us in that direction. Every droplet of love from every human being CAN be the difference that the human race is praying for! Wishing everyone a beautiful and blessed day!


With Love and Gratitude

Your Friend

Audrey Hlembizky

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