A Healthier Me in 2014

There comes a moment in your life when you stare at yourself and say “This is it” with that statement came the realization that my life, this one I am standing in right now is all I have.  My life has been a roller coaster of craziness which, as I reflect, I created; yet it wasn’t till recently I really got the power behind the words “This is it”

In December 2013 I wrote a blog declaring my resolution for 2014 and how I will take charge of my weight and work towards being a healthier version of me. I realized that waiting till January 1 and create the traditional new years resolutions would put me in the same cycle as I have always been.  I decided I was starting right then and there. As a result I slowly started a transition in my thinking….and started to make small tiny consistent changes in my lifestyle.  What amazed me was I was actually doing SOMETHING versus thinking I need to dive in 100% to get quick results.  Those small little changes did not show up in weight loss or any changes in my body, yet they were the tiny things that I actually had control over and that gave me a sense of being in action with my goal to be healthier.

One day a friend of mine said to me, “Exercise is life”  with those words the light bulb went off…. I realized that what I was missing in my thinking was that I removed being active in my lifestyle because I was not living, I was simply existing in my body.  I was paying rent and going month to month, versus OWNING my body.  I was the tenant and not the landlord.  From that awareness I took back my power and began to live an active lifestyle and make exercise my life.

It has taken me till this very moment as I write this blog to express to the world that I LOVE EXERCISE!!  I DO!! I really DO! I am in a state of such control and enjoyment of my body and my energy and I feel like I did when I was young where I played a multitude of sports, I was very competitive AND….”Exercise WAS my life”  Now I am in a mindset of scheduling my time to get my workouts in just as I would make a business appointment. I honor the same level of Integrity with myself as I do to others. The EXCUSE syndrome has dropped and for me in my mind…there is no such thing as I have no time….What is even greater than any of this is that when I do not work out that day I FEEL it, I feel it in my spirit like I missed something in my day.  I am at this moment in time with such great power over my body because I had incredible breakthroughs in my thinking.  YET!! what is also beautiful about my experience is that I have the great support system with the people I love. Primarily my sister. She has kept me accountable, reminded me of my dedication to myself, we have fun working out together and it is is a part of our life not something we need to do.  I am at the point that I do not need my sister to remind me to workout and keep me accountable, I am at the point where I ask her ” lets work out”

This transformation for me has created an access to personal power. I have lost over 35 pounds, I am down 3 dress sizes and I look HOT!!! LOL.  YES, I am very proud of myself. Being a very confident woman even prior to the weight loss I can embrace my accomplishment for what it is. It was never about looking better, it was about taking control of an outside factor and not having it control me.

On that note, my wish for each of you is that you your light bulb moments trigger action in your life, that you realize this is the only life we have, that each day is a new beginging to start again.  Click the refresh button and renew your sense of self, stand in this very moment and inhale the power and understanding of “THIS IS IT”






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