12376175_10156243617810462_6441200364664386065_nAudrey Hlembizky, an entrepreneur, high performance coach, business consultant and brand engineer focused on goal and dream facilitation. Her passion is guided by her humanitarian heart as she  celebrates life by embracing each day with an unwavering force of love.

Audrey’s innovative spirit is recognized within many industries for developing unique concepts, stellar results and known to shift the ordinary to extraordinary.

 With over 25 years experience in business development  and social change, her portfolio represents her skill set and her relentless desire to expand herself inside the domain of excellence. She has left her footprint of dedication within the corporate, social, spa, wellness, self-help, hospitality and entertainment industry.

Her dedication to exceeding expectations and a “think outside the box” approach awards her with many industry firsts, contributing to a long list of unique successes within North America.   Audrey is able to take an idea and give it life, a visionary at heart and a mastermind in spirit. Her above standards approach and the desire to be ten steps ahead of the norm is what gained her recognition as an industry leader and a remarkable contribution to thousands of lives.

With a multitude of expertise that focus on performance driven coaching, leadership, experiential marketing, brand mastery, social media, public relations and community development, Audrey is able to spearhead any business to the finish line.  Her signature style and creative synergy  transcends ideas into reality and ensures the wow factor is at the forefront of everything she is committed too.

All of this has been and continues to be possible due to her ability to master the power of positive thinking.  Her faith, laser focus and passion for humanitarian endeavours are the driving force behind her philanthropic work today with an immeasurable determination to stand up and be a leading voice for women, an empowering mentor for today’s families and youth and a change agent that pours out unconditional love for every human being.

Audrey’s fierce and unstoppable declaration to create a world that works breaths life into each action she takes. Creating the possibility with all of her clients and her team that they embrace the “be the change” mantra. Her mission is at the forefront of every action she takes and the results she delivers. Audrey’s entrepreneurial spirit, awakening insight and profound wisdom affords her the ability to connect and captivate the mind, heart and spirit of the lives she touches and leads them into a state of self-discovery to empower them to live inside their greatness.