Are you the Judgement Whisperer?

STOP! Just stop what you are doing right now and THINK! Think how often in a day you are the JUDGEMENT Whisperer, specifically with those closest to you. When you are finished, how do you feel? I would say that there are some of us that when we judge, it’s our sneaky way of making ourselves feel better, or letting ourselves off the hook & justifying why we do what we do. Than there are those that once they judge, are left with a guilt that grows inside themselves and resentment starts to linger and it robs you of your aliveness. Ask yourself this, what gives you the right to judge anyone? Judgement requires an emotional investment that can be anger, frustration and unnecessary stress and guess what, in the end it’s only hurting you. Take responsibility how often it happens and the impact on your relationships. Interrupt your flow and say “no more” to your internal nonsense, treat others how you want to be treated, be compassionate and see them for their greatness. Judgement blocks out love. Now why would you want that?


With Love and Gratitude for Who you Are

Your Friend,

Audrey Hlembizky

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