A commitment is what takes a promise and transforms it into reality. It is the foundation that breathes life into an idea and becomes the life line of possibility. The power of commitment leads to actions and actions are what will lead you to your dreams.

Audrey Hlembizky is managed by a driven life purpose to serve and lead you to your greatness. As a partner in your journey to expand yourself, build your brand or start your dream business, your purpose fuels Audrey’s passion to deliver on her promises.


The Creed of Commitment is the foundation upon which Audrey builds a pillar of all possibilities. It allows her and any of her chosen associates to follow a code of conduct that is conducive in delivering on our word. It is the oxygen that feeds our spirits and the language that our minds understand. Inside of this creed she values and honours the rules of engagement giving power to taking measurable and strategic actions, to drive extraordinary results and life changing experiences.

INTEGRITY-A state of being whole and undivided, being your word at all times especially when no one is looking.

EXCELLENCE- Striving to always surpass the ordinary. A zero tolerance mindset for anything less than excellence.

ACCOUNTABILITY– A solid structure in place to keep us accountable for our word and delivering on our promises.

ACTION- Taking action is one thing, yet taking effective actions consistently, is the only thing that drives desired results.

LOYALTY– dedicated to serving you with the highest level of trust and authentic communication to build lasting relationships. We have your back!

LOVE- without love we could not do what we do. It is our commitment to unconditional love that takes judgement, fear, assumptions and a negative mindset out of the way so that we can attract the universal law of love and all the power and force it will feed you and your life dreams.

My Promise from my heart to yours.

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