Be Your Own Rainbow

12391234_10156231859510462_3812390814259186061_nYesterday I was blessed with the magic of this rainbow. The colours were electric and it was the perfect arch. The vivid view reminded me of natures miracles we get to witness. It’s the simple things that can remind us we are alive, we just need to choose to see them. When you feel your heart beneath your skin, feel your aliveness, feel it all. We only have this life so make it an adventure, give up being safe and get risky, put your heart on the line, forgive and let go what you know is holding you back and live life like you are uncertain if you will wake up to tomorrow. What ever you are dealing with, I promise you, it is not bigger than you. Today choose to wear your smile and show your passion so the entire world can see you. Let your spirit glow like the vivid colours of a rainbow!! Have a beautiful and blessed day!

With Love and Gratitude for Who you Are

Your Friend

Audrey Hlembizky


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