Brand Engineering

  • Your BIMG_0373rand is YOU! Your reputation, your energy and your promise. It is your message to the world inside a commitment of who and what you stand for.  As human beings we are hard wired to have an emotional reaction to how things look and how we relate to them. Those reactions influence our decisions and that becomes the driving force behind our purchasing power.

Your brand is marketing a feeling. The creativity and innovation behind your brand is your hidden ambassador and the secret to your success. What makes you unique does not matter if it is not important to your ideal client;  for that reason, strategic planning and market research are key in the development stages of orchestrating your personal and business identity.

Audrey Hlembizky and her team of highly skilled professionals are the masterminds behind every successful brand they create. “your brand is your story, it is the core foundation upon which you express yourself to the world. Without a brand you are just a commodity and your clients will by pass you for a business that has a visual impact and a message they can trust” says Audrey.

Brand engineering is a process of establishing a state of the art brand identity, partnered with your brand voice and from there we bring it all to life. Branding is a reflection of you and the single most important investment you can make for your business. Defining your brand is a journey of business self-discovery.

Brand engineering creates a synergistic effect between you and your ideal client that translates into new and loyal business. It manifests in the minds of your customers and that is where it will live and thrive and narrows the focus to drive strategic results.

Managing and Developing your brand is one of our highly effective services.

Our promise is to nourish and create who you are and support you on being these following commitments for your business.

  • Explore and define the Identity and voice of you and your brand.
  • Deliver a vulnerable and effective marketing message.
  • Generate authentic and human interactions.
  • Be your word and be your promise.

“Your work is your LOVE made visible to the world” For this reason we value who you are and we are honoured to be the catalyst between you and your life dream.

Unique and effective branding packages may include:

  • You are your brand coaching
  • ON-line presence with visionary website, including aligned content writing.
  • logo design
  • Image makeover and management
  • Professional Bio
  • Brand photos
  • Social media training and development
  • Brand message and values
  • Ideal client development and marketing plan
  • Strategic planning
  • PR and Media
  • Build your network
  • and more