coachingHigh performance coaching will unleash your greatness. When action is taken everything unfolds like magic and the miracles of life are revealed. Coaching allows you to have compassion for your humanity and support you with everything you want to create for your life.

Living a life by design is the ultimate creation and it is 100% possible.  When you remove the limiting beliefs that hold you back, you open up a new world of opportunities, relationships and discover an awakened level of insight and accomplishments.

Audrey Hlembizky will coach you through your blind spots and ignite an undeniable sense of focus that will inspire action and as a result empower you to deliver on your commitments to yourself and others.  Her determination and intensity will attract abundance to you like a magnet and be the bridge between you and what you really want for your life.

Audrey specializes in corporate and individual leadership coaching for your personal and professional life. At an individual level she provides an exclusive “on the court” coaching service that will support you when the walls of resistance block your view and life’s circumstances seem overwhelming.  Audrey’s style of coaching is not for the timid, she is unstoppable in the face of your challenges and will walk with you straight to the  finish line and generate a new relationship between you and the power of performance.

How can having a coach impact your personal and professional  life?

Conflict is inevitable. A coach can support you with shifting conflict into a space of self-discovery and innovation. Having a coach for your life and your mental wellness is like having a personal trainer for your body. A coach will keep you accountable, get you to quit, quitting and stretch you beyond your comfort zone. Your coach is that solid infrastructure, your partner that will lead you to your greatness even when you cannot see it for yourself. A beacon of unconditional commitment for you to surrender to a life you love.

Individual and Group COACHING SERVICES:

  • Individual Power coaching- Connecting you to your power
  • Life Expansion Coaching
  • The Virtual Coach- “on the court” on-call coaching –
  • Group and Corporate coaching- For small business, partnerships, management
  • Goal achievement coaching
  • Time management coaching – You can do and have it all
  • Project coaching- Complete your project with velocity and in 60-90 days.

Are you a COACH?  If so, Coaches need Coaching too!

Regardless of where you are in your coaching career you have a growing commitment with your service of others.  Audrey Hlembizky, provides an exclusive service to elevate your performance and provide an open space for your self-expression. Coaches are people too. You have real lives with real challenges and though your position is one of  leadership, a coach is simply human. Audrey’s style of coaching will provide a  hub of mastery. A destination that is safe for you to exhale the ego and inhale compassion for your humanity.  Audrey inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential specifically in the areas that stay hidden from your view. When you are in service of others, you grow and blossom into who you created yourself to be. Your clients lives rest in your hands and you are accountable to be the podium that they stand upon and demonstrate their personal power for the world. In that, we acknowledge you. You are the difference and the bridge of discipline and dedication. You are the catalyst of living a life your clients love.