“Be the cha1782465_10155411337050462_4872556923290864979_onge you wish to see in the world,” is a quote that resonated with me from the moment my eyes read those words and my spirit was ignited. I was awakened with a knowing that could not leave me. I was present to the magnitude of how powerful we could be as a human being and that we CAN make a difference.

From the age of six, I knew I had a special gift, I knew that God blessed me with a heart filled with compassion and kindness for others. I remember walking with my mother in Toronto and seeing a homeless woman laying on the side walk and I ran to her and gave her a hug, she looked sad and all I could think of was why did she not have a bed like me. Or when I used to spend my summers in Atlanta Georgia and I would witness the wrath of racism, seeing signs in washrooms, water fountains and buses for blacks and whites and crying because I did not understand why. Going to mexico and falling in love with all the young homeless children who would sell you chick-lets every day at the beach in hopes to eat food. I have a life time of memories of experiences like these and where my natural instinct was to have kindness manage my actions. As a child I was on the other side of all of that, I grew up in a home of love with 2 of the most amazing parents and 5 brothers and sisters, there was never a shortage of anything, and if there was, my parents never let us know. I thought everyone was supposed to live life like I was. My spirit ached because I did not have the answers I was searching for as to why these things were happening in our world. The visions and faces of those impacted by their circumstances kept haunting me and that is when I knew  I wanted to grow up and be a person who would change those things and see tears turn into smiles. YES!! I know, that is one bold statement. Yet as a child we believe we can do anything and it is only when we are told that it is not possible, that we begin to believe it is not. Throughout life I was ridiculed for my trusting heart, my giving nature and made to believe I was foolish, and for a short time I began to believe it. I have lived a very blessed life and I have also had my fair share of pain and sadness, yet the miracle of my life lives inside my faith and the power of love. Love healed me, lead me to my destiny and will be my anchor and my guide for the rest of my life. I share this with you, not to paint a superhero picture or bathe myself in egotistical lingo, I share this with you to invite you into my heart, mind and spirit so you may get a clear vision of what my intentions are and what I am dedicating the rest of my life too.  It is in serving others that we find ourselves and I am living proof that this statement is true.

Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and so many others were all told they will never make a difference and they are now heroes of history that transformed our world, bringing us many steps closer to peace and uniting humanity as one. Never underestimate the power of human will, the power of one causes a ripple effect that spreads like a virus into the souls of others and causes them to rise above normalcy and take on being fearless and declaring “I CAN.” Taking that stand for the good is risky, confronting and can be lonely, yet, it is also freeing, rewarding and life changing.

During my times of struggles I had an army of people lift me up and take me from a dark place and showed me love. From that, I have shifted my pain into my purpose and over the years developed myself mentally, physically and spiritually to take on the greatest challenge and adventure of my life and that is creating a world that works. A world where every human being knows they are loved, a future of peace and abundance in every country and to banish segregation within humanity. I may not see the results of my work in my life time, yet, It can and will happen because I said so.

From this declaration, I am committed to working with people who stand inside this life driven purpose and who are dedicating their businesses, and lives to drive positive shifts in our world. I made the choice to give up providing my services for the corporate world and become exclusive to the those spearheading humanitarian endeavours. My partner is my faith in God’s guidance and those that share in these convictions.

I am committed to developing world transforming leaders who will face the fear, the unknown and a long line up of resistance with unconditional love, unstoppable actions and an indomitable spirit. I am building a massive army of change-agents who will take a small segment of an area of this world that is not working and become an ambassador for change. I acknowledge you now for what it will take for you to be who you need to be, do what you need to do to have our world work. God Bless you always.


In partnership with you,

Your Friend and Fellow Change-Agent

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