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Dare to Jump into 2014

How many times have you made the decision that come January 1 you are going to take the first step towards creating the life you want? A new year brings a fresh enthusiastic start. Unfortunately for most of us these resolutions end up in disappointment.  We need to realize that the areas in our life or parts of ourselves that we wish to change are primarily as they are due to “habits.” These ways of being become  engraved in our mindset that they almost become part of our DNA. You can often here sarcastic comments from those around you about your specific characteristics enforcing what you already know you wish were different about yourself. If you battle in your mind and do not feel right in your spirit about these things that is a strong indication they should not be part of you. Everyone has the power to change, yet it is finding the determination, will power and more then anything the courage to look at yourself with honesty and make the conscious decision that it is time.

I have learned that new years resolutions are for fools and I was at the top of that list!  So this  year I decided to try something different and I broke my habit of always creating resolutions. Every year I would get into the mindset of wanting to get super healthy, exercise, get organized etc and by mid January I would already break my  promises and I begin a love a affair with a new chocolate bar every night. So this year I dared to jump into 2014 and said “this is it!” On December 2, 2013 I declared that I would begin right then and there to live my life powerfully and follow my purpose.

I am not really sure what happened, yet I stopped, dropped and rolled over a new view and began a slow journey without any pressure to achieve little things each day. I can assure you I have already had my moments and ran off to Mr. Cocoa, yet once I finished feeling sorry for myself I regained my vision and focused and began again. One thing I have realized is that when you dare to jump in you never really know what you are jumping into, yet if you do not jump at all, you are never going to get any where.

It is mid January and guess what? I haven’t given up. It is going slow, yet I am further today then I was December 2nd. They say it takes 30 days to create a habit and 30 days to break a habit. Repetition of an action, feeling or thought is the power behind creating or disabling….you need to decide what you need to plug into to create the possibilities of being the greatest version of yourself.  My journey is a slow one, a process, yet I am moving forward towards being the dynamic Audrey I know I am.




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