Does Your Life Feed Your Soul?

12573875_885727021545680_3482671573454683596_nWill you live beyond the doing and leave a footprint of courage on the hearts of others? Give yourself away to our world and look at humanity as a reflection of you. Many will live on this earth rent free, not being responsible for how their actions or lack of actions impact how our world works, sitting back thinking they cannot make a difference. Being in service to just one person could be what is needed for an emerging leader putting an end to poverty, preventing a teenager from committing suicide, finding a cure for cancer, banishing discrimination or igniting a massive shift for world peace. Take your heart and take your life as a living sacrifice, give yourself away to the possibility of YOU being that person that made what others thought was not possible, possible. Give up all the reasons why it can’t be you and feed your soul with your life’s purpose. Thank you to so many of the human heroes I know who sacrifice so much and yet feel the joy and reward of being in service to humanity. God Bless you!

With Love and Gratitude for who YOU are

Your Friend

Audrey Hlembizky

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