Don’t Detox Your Body-Detox Your Mind

As the new year begins many have taken on resolutions of getting healthy, accomplishing goals and declaring “this is it,” this is the year things will happen; and the cycle begins again. A continuous repeat of previous years where we declare and after 30 days or less that declaration turns into disappointment. A disappointment with ourselves and your inner voice saying “here we go again.” Consider that Jan 1 is just a date. Another day of YOUR life. Yes, it gives you a sense of a fresh new start, yet pressing the start button can happen anytime. Give up the quick fixes, the fad diets, the need for instant gratification. Don’t detox your bodies, detox your minds. Your mind is the only access to causing the shifts you want in your life. Give yourself the space to fall off the course and when you do, acknowledge it and get back on. Don’t suffocate your goals by giving up because it’s not easy or you gave in to your weaknesses. Breath life into your desires and declarations everyday. Keep them alive with small daily actions. You can reach your goals, just talk to your soul and believe you can. I am with you on every journey you take. I am no stranger to any of this and continue to be confronted with new challenges everyday. Don’t get caught up in comparing yourself with others and how they did it. We are all on this path moving forward towards our personal greatness, dealing with what life throws our way. Hold on tight to your convictions and ASK for support. Build a team of friends who will keep you accountable for the life you say you want, it works! Take a risk, put it out there and have fun in this playground we call life.

With Love and Gratitude for who YOU are

Your Friend

Audrey Hlembizky

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