Eat 4 LIFE!!!

IMG_0826Do you remember the song “What a feeling” from Flash dance? Right now that is my vibe. I CAN HAVE IT ALL! Yes I can, because I said so. I can dance to the beat of my dreams, feel the rhythm of my heart beat, feed my mind with thoughts of aliveness and take the actions I need to live a life of purpose. I am sharing this with you because I have been blessed with a breakthrough of EATING 4 LIFE, versus being an emotional eater. I now eat to LIVE. I am no longer victim to the habit that has me eat foods that kill off my health and longevity. I am leading my life in a way that supercharges my spirit. This year I will be 46 and I feel like I am 25. That in itself is a gift. Today I have been able to distinguish what foods are not a match for who I am. I am motivated by the quote, “don’t dig your grave with your own fork and knife” Whether you believe or not that our food choices contribute to disease and impact our sleep, stamina, brain power, creativity, sex drive, confidence and mental wellness is your choice. I have experienced what is like on the other side and I invite you to discover mindful eating for yourself. Let’s giddy up!!

A quick acknowledgement…
A special thank you to my friend Gudrun Welder Naturopathic Dr. 4 months ago I was diagnosed with an aggressive stage of Osteo and was told I will probably be in a wheel chair at 60. For those who know me well, I am a fire cracker and a trail blazer and that would never happen if I had anything to do with it. Being someone who has a active lifestyle and where many people depend on me,  I found myself being dominated by pain in my back, neck, hip and worse jaw issues, and as a coach I need my mouth…lol. I was in alot of pain and Gudrun said “I am going to tell you something radical, stop eating gluten” I was empowered and immediately stopped. The results, today I barely experience pain, headaches and in addition to other food eliminations, special work out routines, supplements etc.  I am on my way to regenerating my body. I officially declare I am 46 going on 26!!!

With Love and Gratitude for who YOU are!


Audrey Hlembizky


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