I AM a MOMPreneur!

IMG_3813How does one begin to describe their journey of entrepreneurship?  As I write this, I reflect on what it took for me to be where I am today and in a space of starting all over again.  Abraham Lincoln said, it is not about how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up. Inside that statement, exists a power  that unknown to me has been who I am.  I have been blessed to experience over 25 years of operating my own businesses.  Being an entrepreneur has provided a life of adventure, growth and enlightenment all within a context of abundance and love.  Regardless  of the outcomes of my  business ventures, success never went to my head and failure never went to my heart.   Business for me is part of who I am, I love it and I thrive inside the excitement and the creation of it.

I previously mentioned that I am in a space of starting all over again and I am thrilled to be entering a new direction in my life and creating new possibilities for my future.  After 20 years of building a national company,  life took a dramatic twist with the sudden death of my husband.  In two years not only did I lose the love of my life, I also witnessed my business disappear.  Paralyzed with disbelief my life seemed  stopped, yet my spirit was not broken and I knew regardless of my circumstances, that if I followed my heart and my passion to create, on the other side of my pain was my life purpose.

Operating my own business is as free and inspiring as knowing I am in charge of my own destiny.  It is all about the journey and not the destination.  Many have asked; “Audrey, what is your secret?”  Secrets are mysterious, there is no mystery in being someone who is simply dedicated to wanting a life of freedom.  We all have what it takes to have anything we want in our lives and what divides us, is declaring what it is you want and then getting into action and making it happen. If you really want to be an entrepreneur  you need to be that person that only sees opportunity when others see impossibility.  it is that undeniable belief in yourself that puts you in state of unstoppable action and when you are faced with challenges, never, ever give up!

Today, I am honored to be in service of others. As a business consultant, coach, speaker, humanitarian, owner of 3 businesses and a single mom;  I feel an overwhelming love for everything I do. Success for me, is being able to go to bed each night and my soul is at peace and wake up each morning inhaling the excitement of what my day will bring.  I do not wish for anything, instead I get out there and make things happen.  I create, I take risks, I live my passion and I believe that everything is possible as long as I believe in myself.  I AM a MOMpreneur!



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