I Eat to Feed my Body not my Emotions

I once was a professional emotional eater and food made my sadness disappear for an entire 20 mins!!! Lol. Once that passed, It left me with an ongoing buffet of cravings that I paired with my mood. As food became my “serenity now” cure, it also became my habitual disease. After a tragic loss in my life, I dove into my meals like it was the last supper. Instant gratification that slowly packed on the weight and after a year I found myself lost inside a body that was depressed, unhealthy and my sense of self, sexiness and feminine power was a thing of the past. At times, life hits us with something we never think we will over come, yet, we do. I can certainly testify to that. When I decided that I was no longer going to abuse my body, my mind took over and I made an oath to love myself. I had a choice. Will I honour my body and my life, or will I choose to honour the disempowering and dominating force of all my excuses, weakness and reasons? I no longer allowed food to be what I would escape to. In that moment I choose me. The last 2 1/2 years I transformed my way of living and took on eating right and exercising like my life depended on it. And it did. Small changes everyday added up to a 70 pound loss. This time last year I declared I wanted to take my fitness to a new level. I have, and working out daily has become my mental mantra. 2016 will be the year I stretch myself into a new realm of connecting with my body. Where my intake of food & fitness performance magically ignites my body into an unstoppable machine of strength, endurance, longevity and curvaceous wisdom!

With Love and Gratitude for who YOU are

Your Friend

Audrey Hlembizky


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