I have the Secret

“If we walk through life only believing what we see, we will never be free” …..
Remember when you were a child and what ever you imagined was real. You believed in magic, miracles, fairy tales, Santa, the Easter bunny and the Tooth fairy. All of these things were alive in you. You believed and your beliefs gave them life. We learned as children the “secret” to have everything come alive… Somewhere along the journey into adulthood we dismissed what was possible and surrendered to doubt, fear and life’s circumstances. If you only go through life believing what you see you rob yourself of the power that faith has. FAITH is the secret and access to everything you want. God is alive everywhere, the universe and it’s divine power is there right in front of you. Just cross the line and take what is yours. Take the mystery out of Faith , just give yourself over to it and I promise the miracles and blessings will surround you. I invite you to take back your child like wonder, your superhero power, your unlimited imagination. Set yourself free and unleash yourself into this incredible universe of unlimited possibilities. We have one planet, one universe, one God ALL in service for our ONE human race. Wishing everyone a beautiful and blessed day.

With Love and Gratitude for Who you Are

Your Friend,

Audrey Hlembizky


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