12418964_878903692228013_8694406803779066602_oI LOVE MY BODY!! YES I DO! If I do not love it than who will? Sexy is state of mind, beauty is who you are and confidence is a choice. I love my thick thighs, my loose skin, my ripples and my curves. I love the delicious perfection of me. Only you get to decide how the world will see you and it is a direct reflection of how you see yourself. Give up the need to look like someone else, to have your body appear like a model or celebrity. Give up the jealousy and comparison. None of that will contribute to who you are. It deflates your inner goddess and puts a wall between you and the mirror. I believe we all need to take on our health as our lives depend on it and at the same time I believe that healthy does not need to look like what the media tells us it should. Your body is you and you are your body. It is the only one you have, give it love and it will love you back. Have your actions and thoughts be a match for who you are. Give up the suffering, give up that insecurity, give up the story you created around why you do not love your body. JUST STOP robbing yourself from your joy. Everyday put on your sexiness, your smile, your beauty and your confidence and go ROCK it!! PS. … a pair of hot stilettos is a must!

With Love and Gratitude for who YOU are.

Your friend

Audrey Hlembizky

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