They say the energy of the soul can be seen by the human eye when pure love dominates that spirit. I have been told that when I walk into a space I beam with light, I believe that to be true only because in that space are people I can love.

Every time I am ready to speak to a group of people my heart starts to flutter and I know I am ready to once again expand myself in a realm of the unknown. As a public speaker you never can predict how things will go as you are always speaking to a such a diverse and different group of people. With that, I remember that all I can do is be myself. A raw and authentic display of my true self expression with a willingness to experience an extraordinary adventure with my audience.   I am committed to whole- heartedly risking what it takes, as I am blessed with  these human beings that hand over their time and trust as they inhale the power and wisdom that I share. I am honoured to be chosen and to contribute to their lives. My intentions are, that each precious mind is ignited with possibility and their hearts transform into a magnet for love; bridging the gap to create a new paradigm in their thinking. I give my word  to always give up getting it right for me and doing what is right for those lives that are placed before me. I promise to continue to develop myself so that I may be a greater asset for the people I serve and be a catalyst for change causing an empowering shift for the discovery of self and the mastery of unconditional love. 

With Love and Gratitude for who YOU are

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Audrey Hlembizky is on a journey to  ignite a new epidemic. One that has every human being know they are loved. She has been referred to as the “The Diva with a Mother Theresa spirit spreading love in her stilettos” 

 As a motivational speaker her entrepreneurial spirit, awakening insight, profound wisdom and unconditional love for humanity, will captivate your mind and connect you to your source of  power. Her words, passion and heroic stand for others will leave you in a state of self-realization and motivate you to get out into the world and show your greatness.

Audrey is humble and real, a business woman and a mother that has the same life conflicts as everyone else, yet wakes up everyday supercharged with internal happiness. Her view of life is simple and she is someone you can depend on for her fierce display of wisdom. Her mission is that every human being indulges in the miracles that only love can provide  Her mesmerizing and authentic state generates a robust and entertaining motivational experience that will speak to your heart.

With an extensive background in business, community and leadership she is the embodiment of what it is to be unstoppable. Bursting with contagious laughter and enthusiasm that will generate a breathtaking view of what it is like to unfold the life limiting self-doubt and transform that into the magical antidote. Her purpose is nourished by her passion to create a world that works and by doing so, it means every human being discovers what it is to love themselves and others unconditionally. Without love, the world is just a tomb, with love, everything is possible.