LOVE, who really needs it anyway?

IMG_9401So….who really needs love anyway? I DO, YOU DO, WE ALL DO! We crave it, we long for it and we spend hours dreaming of being lost inside its euphoric bliss. So why do we resist the very thing that makes us feel alive? Recently, I have found myself coaching many people blocked from being in a beautiful relationship or the one they are in is not going the way they want. My expertise is not in relationship coaching it is in high performance coaching, working with individuals that are traditionally high achievers. Yet, what constantly comes up is the lack of love that they allow themselves to discover. It is clear to me that when we are blocked in our intimate relationships, it impacts the performance and outcomes in almost every area of our life. At the end of the day, my experience has shown me, we are driven by a force that at times is unknown and at the same time we are clear that with all the money we can make and all the experiences we want to enjoy, it does not feel complete unless we can share them with someone we love. Now I am not referring to sharing with friends, family and your children. I am referring to that special someone that many of us keep pretending we don’t want. I have been one of those “Love wanna-be’s” lol. Saying “I am too busy”, “I do not need or want a man”, “I was in love once before”. blah, blah, blah….Just over 6 years ago, my husband died. He had an asthma attack and in an instant he was gone. I never had the chance to thank him for loving me, or to tell him how much richness, love and joy he brought to my life, that he made me a better woman and gave me the gift of my incredible son. I never had the chance to say those three words one last time… I LOVE YOU. When he died, a part of me died with him and I was left with a pain that unless you have lost someone close to you, you cannot explain that feeling. I am sharing this with you today as I represented so many men and women who do not go out on a limb and seek the love their souls truly desire. So why do we long for love and run from it? I can confidently say FEAR!! Fear drives us away from taking the risk and being vulnerable to an engraved belief that our hearts may get broken. What would it be like for you if the fear factor was out of the way and courage took over? Imagine what could be possible with that man or woman who is out there ready to love you? Or is showing you their heart and you are to blinded by fear to see it. My husbands death is not something I often share about. I have been on a healing journey that has forever changed me. I have had the most beautiful family and friends that are my hero’s support me through a very dark and sad time. His death left me with a belief that what if I fell in love again and he died? That paralysed me, no man could compete with that, yet, with all my support, faith and God’s blessings, I have freed myself from the jail of my disempowering thoughts and as a result, I have chosen to no longer be dominated by my fear of falling in love. Instead, I acknowledge that the doubt may always be there, yet it will not dictate to me how my future will go. My husband taught me so much and even with him gone, he continues to teach me. When he left, I was given a gift of knowing, that life is precious and very short. What ever is in your way from allowing you to love another it has no right being there. Our time on this earth is to limited to allow fear, scepticism and everything else you drum up in your thoughts. Love is your life line. The oxygen for your soul and the gift that is worth everything. Your soul mate is out there, or is already standing right infront of you, There is a man that was made to love you, a woman that longs to adore you, there is a kiss that will leave you lost inside a spell and a touch that only your spirit can recognize. I promise you it all exists and is alive and waiting to be unleashed. The universe is calling your name and you are next in line. Just raise your hand and say I do, I am ready and love is mine. From my heart to yours, I celebrate what is possible so you can declare “I LIVED AND I LOVED!”

With Love and Gratitude for who YOU are

Your Friend

Audrey Hlembizky

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