The Power of Words…

Quote Collection by Audrey Hlembizky


Words can comfort a sad heart,  inspire action, restore one’s faith and make someone fall madly in love.  Words are powerful and have the ability to transform anything and anyone in an instant. There have been many times in my life when I was going through a difficult time that the perfect quote was placed in front of me with divine timing.  Those words were able to lift me out of a place in my mind where my thoughts were taking over and playing havoc on my reality.  I live a beautiful life, I really do!  I begin each morning with gratitude and thank God for allowing me to be on this earth another day. I have so much to be thankful for and for that reason my spirit is filled with such a sense of joy that it fuels me with the need to give back to the world.  I believe that the smallest things can have the greatest impact and for that reason I hope I may find a way into your heart and mind and contribute to your life.

I have created the following Quote art just for you. You are welcome to save the images and use them for your personal use. My wish is that these words empower you to be who you are destined to be and live a life you love.