See Your Life through your Soul

21480_10156277534150462_8619999543207198863_nThe past two days I have been in my head. A dangerous place filled with doubt and fear. When you are up to big things, self doubt creeps up and you wonder if you really can do what you say you will do. Often the past creeps up and gets in the way of you being courageous. When you are dealing with matters of the heart it can be scary as you wonder can I really do this? I was in a state of making it all about me and isolating myself Inside the world of negative self talk. Today I was reminded by 3 beautiful women, Fatima Gould Alanna Carr & Simone Vitellaro that I am human and my natural tendencies to feeling weak is just me being human. That its ok to break down, yet these women don’t allow me to stay small. They remind me of who I am and my divine purpose. To have patience for Gods plan. Fatima sent me a song today that inspired the following declaration as my deliverance. My deliverance from the part of me that chooses to play small. God bless my beautiful sisters!!

I give myself away so I can be used by God’s work. I will choose to see this world for its beauty, for what is possible and especially for what the majority believe is impossible. I will lead my life by my heart and transform all of my past and pain into my divine purpose. I will be compassionate towards those that are non-believers and trust my faith to spearhead the plan. I will rise above hardship and greet it with a smile. I will place my life in God’s hands and lead the way for others to see themselves as love for the human race. I will give myself away and see my life through my soul.

With Love and Gratitude for who YOU are

Your Friend

Audrey Hlembizky

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