The Motivational Journey of Yours Truly…

12376175_10156243617810462_6441200364664386065_nFor as long as I can remember, writing has been my release and my passport to personal growth.  It gave me the opportunity to escape my realities and place my emotions on paper than close my journal and trust those feelings were safe within my world. Writing began for me as poetic justice, when my heart ached, my hand would find a pen and communicate within the soul of my paper. My tears would transcend into words, my anxiety would exhale rhymes and my spirit seemed bathed in the bliss of my surrender. I learned to trust that even though it was just me, myself and I, it was still enough to get me through some of my stormiest moments and rekindle my greatest joys.  We all face ups and downs in our lifetime, some of us are able to reach our low points and have the strength to get right back up and for some of us it takes the  determination and love of others. I am one of the lucky ones as I have been blessed with both.

When I am all emotionally charged I seemed to write my greatest pieces, heartfelt and passionate, raw and real. Over the years I began to share my ability to articulate human experiences by sending others inspiring messages in hopes it would help them through a difficult time and through helping others, I also healed myself. For this reason, blogging keeps me ground and focused on the every day miracles and magic of my life. This platform of communication allows me to mark my  journey of expression and invite you to explore the teachings, discoveries and the delicious views behind MOI!  My blog is my motivational journey into the heart, mind and spirit of yours truly- past, present and future. I must warn you if you are grammar guru, I may drive you absolutely crazy LOL! I am a writer who always needs the brilliance of a great edit guru, so please forgive me.  My intention is that my motivational entertainment and authentic expression, wisdom and insight will keep you thinking outside your box to expand yourself and discover your greatness.  When you’re ready to join me, I will be waiting with love and gratitude!

Your Friend,
Audrey Hlembizky

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