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Welcome 2015!

We attract what we are ready for and I am certainly ready for 2015! With that being said, 2014 was one of the greatest years of my life. It was the year of great accomplishments and the redesign of my psychological blue print.  Now what does that mean? Well…..I was given a gift. The gift of transformation, the ability to get a birds eye view at my blind spots and see what has been stopping me from being the greatest version of myself.  This year I lost 45 pounds, I LOVE to exercise…YUP! I really do and most of all I live a healthy lifestyle that keeps me fit, full of energy and feeling fabulous.   2014 was the year of love. Love for myself and more importantly love for everyone in my life and the world. It was a time of forgiveness, support, giving, kindness and compassion and as result I am surrounded by a community of people that lift me up and allow me the space to be who I am destined to be.  I cannot begin to express my gratitude and how blessed I feel for the life I have.  I can honestly say that I live each day with wonder. I am free from the haunting of my past and  threw away all the thoughts I had that kept me living small.

My wish for everyone on the planet is that they discover for themselves the gift of LOVE.  The kind of love that can move mountains, bring peace to nations, create a life of wonder and fun and the love that when you love yourself unconditionally, everything and I mean everything is possible.




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