Pretending something does not matter, does not make it matter less and just because you ignore something does not make it go away. As I write these words, I am faced with the mental critiquing of my own decision making throughout my life. Reflecting on what lead me here to this very moment preparing this literary submission as I have created a outlet to share and expose my views to the world. Writing a blog is not really a big deal yet sharing my opinions about how concerned I am about the statistical track records of our global leader’s decision-making process could be. It could open me up to all kinds of rhetorical feedback and may even label me as a rebellion.  I am completely okay with being labelled as a rebellion.   I am drawn to situations that allow me to act and speak up for those who are not able or who do not know how do this for themselves.  Unfortunately, most of the human population live their life pretending the current social and environmental injustices do not impact them; leading them to believe that they cannot care or that they did not cause it, so it is not their responsibility. In the last 10 years I have spent a lot of time engaging in research to help myself understand how we got here.



Politics, Economics and Generosity

I believe that the purpose of our lives is to close the gap between what could be and the willingness to do it in our lifetime. When we listen to the news and hear stories of political controversy, activism, social and financial-economic decline the last thing we think about is how generosity can be a solution. I am of the belief that most people go through life with the experience of cognitive dissonance and the impact can be painful. I also believe that being with that dissonance is critical for us to correct, to put aside what is unimportant and get to work on correcting our evolutionary course. There is great mental conflict when our values and beliefs do not line up with our actions. Being with that uncomfortable and often unexplainable state of mind, when who we really are and our purpose here on earth begins to pound at our hearts,  pulls on our thoughts and all self-contradiction begins to be replaced with awareness, responsibility, and integrity. Only then can we begin to reveal a side of ourselves that was born to be good, do good and begin to build a life of genuine generosity. 

Called Into Action

When we close the gap on the discrepancy of what we do or witness that goes against our values, we are called into action. The kind of action that has us evolve into a space of a more generous-centered consciousness and from there how we think, the actions we take or do not take, how we plan, and more importantly, who we are, calls forth our soul to do our purpose work. No government, no society, no group of people can fundamentally save us unless we are willing to evolve as species and I believe generosity is how we can get there.   Building generous minds creates generous leaders, organizations, communities, and at the core of it all Generous energy that keeps recycling through our generations to come.  Join me on this discovery, I am unsure where it will take you, yet I know what it has done for me. From every business I own, co-own, or partner with, generosity is the context I create for everything.  It provides our teams with the capability and capacity to forgive, love and be empathic developing us in being  resilient and in trusting the process. 

Building a Generous Future

Some people call me a serial entrepreneur. I consider myself a visionary. A woman who has been shown a vision and my job are to reveal it to the world. You may call me crazy or overly ambitious, and you are most likely right, yet for myself, I choose to honor this Indian proverb “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced; live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.” My self-expression is genuine generosity and what better way to build a generous future than to build and support organizations that can actually make a dramatic impact. 

These organizations  measure performance and sustainable change, breathing new life into old and ineffective structures, holding people accountable for the lack of accountability of our ancestors.  I strongly believe the way to change is to rewrite and redesign the systems that created many of our existing problems and eliminate all the injustices within our behaviors. You cannot create a greater tomorrow with the same mindset, methodology, and practices that created the problem in the first place.  Together with my business partners, our teams, and the clients, we serve we have all come together in a commitment to build generosity for our future generation.