My Why, My Way!

There have been many levels to my purpose throughout my life. From being the older sister at 7 years old and taking care of my siblings while my mother recovered from a brain tumor, to interrupting people from ending their life, quitting on their dreams, or walking side by side with them as they healed. My life has been an up and down purpose-driven circus, and I regret none of it! In fact, discovering I could make choices for myself and protect others at the young age of 7 is how life prepared me for all that I have endured. With every struggle, a visionary seed has been planted deep inside me. Redirecting my focus to awaken within the courage to shift my pain into my purpose.  I believe that “our purpose” is not some fancy public display of doing good; but rather a powerful and mystical unspoken agreement that exists between you and your soul.  An agreement sourced by God and the universe to share with others in those moments of great need. I can recall during many of my struggles, finding myself victimized and asking WHY? Why God did this need to happen? Pleading to make the pain go away and angry at God for allowing it to happen in the first place. As time passed, and my suffering turned into silence, it helped my thoughts be quiet enough to hear God’s voice. Whispers of hope and visions of possibility allowed me to pick myself up and experience the enlightenment of truth that only my spirit could understand. I was able to see that the struggles were needed to build a strong coat of armor to prepare me and begin to understand that I was not to keep asking God “why,” Why me? I was to ask “WHAT,” what am I to learn? What am I to see? And who am I to be for the world?


Because I said So...

The starting point to all achievements is a defining purpose. A knowing that you were born for something so much greater than to exist on this planet, going through a repeated cycle of the average day to day.   I have been participating as a student and an educator in the self-development industry for over 32 years. I can proudly share that I am an enthusiastic student of spiritual, personal, and professional growth, open to always learning how to be a better person. One thing I am convinced of, is that the world we have today, is the world we have created through our collective thinking and primarily through our generational fears. People may read the words "Let's transform the world" and immediately their thoughts become cynical and say things like, "sure, how? “you’re crazy” and “who do you think you are?" I am the first to acknowledge that I have lived most of my life in a bubble. Unwilling to see the truth and deception behind the dark side of our human existence. It has been easier to focus only on the good within humanity rather than to believe we are the main source contributing to the destruction of our own planet and our human rights.  I understand that only seeing the positive is important, and I also have become aware that unless we are willing to see what is broken, we do not have the opportunity to bring forth possible solutions.  I believe that at the core of who we are, we all want to be loved, to love and create a happy life.  We plan out our lives searching for happiness and all the big marketing companies and social media algorithms bank on that.  So why is there so much hate and suffering? Why is there approx. 689 million people on this planet living in extreme poverty?  Why do some big corporations get to fill water bottles with the planets clean water at a 200% profit margin, while millions of people living in some parts of the world do not have clean drinking water and children are dying of dehydration?

Building a Generous Future

Some people call me a serial entrepreneur. I consider myself a visionary. A woman who has been shown a vision and my job are to reveal it to the world. You may call me crazy or overly ambitious, and you are most likely right, yet for myself, I choose to honor this Indian proverb “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced; live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.” My self-expression is genuine generosity and what better way to build a generous future than to build and support organizations that can actually make a dramatic impact. 

These organizations  measure performance and sustainable change, breathing new life into old and ineffective structures, holding people accountable for the lack of accountability of our ancestors.  I strongly believe the way to change is to rewrite and redesign the systems that created many of our existing problems and eliminate all the injustices within our behaviors. You cannot create a greater tomorrow with the same mindset, methodology, and practices that created the problem in the first place.  Together with my business partners, our teams, and the clients, we serve we have all come together in a commitment to build generosity for our future generation.