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As you spend time reading through my blogs and this website you may begin to connect to why I am here. I do not mean why I have this website, I mean why am I here? On this planet, living, walking, breathing, and doing. YES, DOING, doing God’s work. Your religion or spiritual practices do not need to be the same as mine to know that injustices exist within humanity; and that without the generosity of donations, volunteers, and community support situations in millions of adults and children will die each year of starvation. My question to you is this: Does that matter to you? And if it does, What will you do about it? If it does not, consider you are part of the problem. I believe that we have a moral obligation to be responsible for all crimes against humanity and unless we each take a stand against these injustices we will have no people or a planet left to hand over to our children and all generations thereafter. I am not a martyr, or some philanthropist looking for recognition, I am a businesswoman who has been given a gift to lead, to show others the “how” and to connect the “who” so things actually get done. 

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 I am the doer and not a talker and one of the ways I hope to spread the word and build an army is through awareness. My Generosity, Gratitude, and God blog series is my way of sharing how generosity CAN and WILL transform the impossible and bring correction and redirection to the injustices happening right now.  I can do this and have the will to do this as I am beyond grateful for the life I live, I have had my fair share of personal pain and it has developed me into someone that can have fearless compassion towards those I train and lead and continues to allow me to be resilient to the injustices I recognize so that I can be part of restoring, repairing and revolutionizing a new path forward. I am not here to get permission to do what there is to do, I am here serving God and the needs of the people here today and tomorrow.  This is something that keeps me up at night, has me awake at 5 am thinking through my next action.  It is not something I can often share or have other people really get and for me none of that matters.

Audrey Hlembizky-BLOG_Generosity_BOTTON


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