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Because I said So

The starting point to all achievements is a defining purpose. A knowing that you were born for something so much greater than to exist on this planet going through a repeated cycle of the average day to day.   I have been participating as a student and an educator in the self-development industry for over 32 years. I can proudly share that I am an enthusiastic student of spiritual, personal, and professional growth, open to always learning how to be a better person. One thing I am convinced of, is that the world we have today, is the world we have created through our collective thinking and primarily through our generational fears. People may read the words “Let’s transform the world” and immediately their thoughts become cynical and say things like, “sure, how? “you’re crazy” and “who do you think you are?”

I am the first to acknowledge that I have lived most of my life in a bubble. Unwilling to see the truth and deception behind the dark side of our human existence. It has been easier to focus only on the good within humanity rather than to believe we are the main source contributing to the destruction of our own planet and our human rights.  I understand that only seeing the positive is important, and I also have become aware that unless we are willing to see what is broken, we do not have the opportunity to bring forth possible solutions.  I believe that at the core of who we are, we all want to be loved, to love and create a happy life.  We plan out our lives searching for happiness and all the big marketing companies and social media algorithms bank on that.  So why is there so much hate and suffering? Why is there approx. 689 million people on this planet living in extreme poverty?  Why do some big corporations get to fill water bottles with the planets clean water at a 200% profit margin, while millions of people living in some parts of the world do not have clean drinking water and children are dying of dehydration?

I question how mainstream media does not make it a priority or that it is part of their ethical and moral code of practice, to bring awareness to the parts of the global population of the truth of the criminal injustices that have happened and continue around the world today.  I do however value and acknowledge the cinematographers, journalists and authors who choose to showcase real life matters in documentaries, blogs, and books so that those who are willing to watch, read and learn can. It is critical to understand that once you become aware, doing nothing is a big part of the problem.  We may not be able to correct all the crimes against humanity in our first attempt or maybe in our lifetime, yet it is our duty to at least try, so we can pass the torch to have our work continue. To become aware and do nothing makes us all just as guilty. To do something, even something small, collectively can cause a ripple effect.

I have been judged, laughed, criticized, and called “cute” (I hate that one) because I believe wholeheartedly that we can put an end to poverty which can reverse and positively impact 90% of why all other injustices exist.  Now in my 50’s, I can understand that for most people, it is easier to avoid becoming aware, as dealing with your own morals and values is harder. We do not need the permission of anyone to do what we believe we are willing to do, we only need to start.  In my 30’s I began the process of freeing myself from the shackles of validation and practicing not needing anyone’s permission to believe all things are possible. As a result, I have been on a heart aching and purpose-driven journey changing one person, one community, one organization at a time.  I will continue to follow the plan, work with like-minded people, and TRUST my commitment to God and declare that it CAN and WILL be done, BECAUSE I SAID SO!

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