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Humanity is being challenged to move forward towards its next stage of evolution. Politics and the people who engage in political talk and actions are commonly the ones who create the plans associated with the governance of the countries we call our home. As generation after generation writes their chapter in our ongoing history we can see the continuing narrative of how politics occur for us. Authoritative versus Awakening. 
I have chosen Politics, People, and Purpose as one of my blog categories as I am fascinated by the people of history who paved the way and passed the torch to the people of today that stand for honoring our human rights and rising up against injustices of our world.   

Politics is a journey we all must take together and separating politics from the deeper issues within humanity leaves us dangerously at risk. People and only people, whoever they may be, are the only chance that our future generation has in driving the consciousness of our human affairs.  Artificial intelligence, social media, virtual realities, e-commerce, and bitcoin can never and I mean never create a future of the people, by the people, for the people. I believe in the spirit of the human race as within the realm of struggle, people find strength, within the deceit of despair, people find hope and within the existence of great pain, people find their purpose.  Join me each month as I highlight the revolutionary work of great people, political transparency, and my purpose in causing change. 

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