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My Why, My Way!

There have been many levels to my purpose throughout my life. From being the older sister at 7 years old and taking care of my siblings while my mother recovered from a brain tumor, to interrupting people from ending their life, quitting on their dreams, or walking side by side with them as they healed. My life has been an up and down purpose-driven circus, and I regret none of it! In fact, discovering I could make choices for myself and protect others at the young age of 7 is how life prepared me for all that I have endured. With every struggle, a visionary seed has been planted deep inside me. Redirecting my focus to awaken within the courage to shift my pain into my purpose.  I believe that “our purpose” is not some fancy public display of doing good; but rather a powerful and mystical unspoken agreement that exists between you and your soul.  An agreement sourced by God and the universe to share with others in those moments of great need.

I can recall during many of my struggles, finding myself victimized and asking WHY? Why God did this need to happen? pleading to make the pain go away and angry at God for allowing it to happen in the first place. As time passed, and my suffering turned into silence, it helped my thoughts be quiet enough to hear God’s voice. Whispers of hope and visions of possibility allowed me to pick myself up and experience the enlightenment of truth that only my spirit could understand. I was able to see that the struggles were needed to build a strong coat of armor to prepare me and begin to understand that I was not to keep asking God “why,” Why me? I was to ask “WHAT” What am I to learn? What am I too see? And who am I to be for the world?

That “what” has led me to where I am today. As a mother, wife, mentor, professional expert, and entrepreneur, I am humbled by my life. I thrive in spaces of challenges and inspired by the opportunity to be part of so many projects, businesses and teams that are committed to developing possibilities for the future that most people believe are impossible. I thrive in challenges, and I continually seek for ways to be awakened and learn from our history. I consider myself a full-time student at the university of “God’s word”. My classroom is located here on earth, and I strongly believe that every action I take or do not take, creates a compound effect, generating a residual energy that forever exists within our universe.  I get to choose what energy I release, and I also get to choose how I will release that energy. For that reason, MY WHY is my driving force that creates a clear intention behind every plan and how I approach all that I do.

My why is not something I need people to understand, as it is my agreement between God and I. What I will say, is that my why is what has me get up in the morning and be empowered to push through barriers. It has me keep moving forward when at times I just want to agree with my doubts and the doubts of others.  It is the “reason” why I will not give in to my “good reasons” to quit and most of all, it reminds me that I want to be part of creating a greater future for my son and all those who come after him. We ALL have a responsibility to hand over this planet and evolve as human beings. If we do not, there will be no future for our children. The thought of this, keeps me up at night, gives me a sick feeling in my stomach that generates a fire within to create a measurable impact before I die. I do not have a lot of time, yet in that time, I CAN do a lot.  I pray that millions will join me on this mission, however your mission looks for you.  My why is my fuel to build a future of equality for all, through the natural human expression of generosity and for all those Nay Sayers, I forgive you and be clear that I WILL, I CAN and I GET to do MY WHY, MY WAY!

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