Life, Love & Leadership

The famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi “be the change you want to see in the world” is not always easy to be when you try and retain your conviction and passion towards something you politically or morally disagree with. Practicing being a person who leads their life through the lens of unconditional love has to be the hardest thing I have had to do. I say this because due to my work I see many things that go against my values and for the most part are outright wrong. My job is to bring integrity and ethical practices to industries and or bring order and functionality to the people who operate these companies. What I experience is people pointing the finger at a person, place, or thing claiming they are the problem, when in fact the pointed finger is the problem. If we had the emotional permission to express our views without ridicule or dishonor we would have the confidence to create a culture of honesty within human civilization. 

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Yet there are consequences for honesty and without honesty, we cannot respect the law of evolution. Life is our greatest teacher and in this series Life, Love and Leadership my hope is to empower you to look at yourself through the lens of love and use this as a guide to inspect your own truth. No human being has a monopoly on being right, nor does anyone have a monopoly on being wrong. What we do have are views, our perspective of everything and everyone. Unfortunately for the human race our views will either destroy us or give birth to leaders who surrender their views in exchange for values and practices that can effectively serve humanity. I believe the opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference, and when we can distinguish for ourselves that we are more alike than we can see we may have a chance at renewing and uniting the human spirit around the world.  The question I have for you is “What are you WILLING TO DO, and HOW WILL HISTORY REMEMBER YOU?”

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