Mindset, Mastery & Miracles

We hear the word “consciousness” over and over. An action led by the mind that amplifies your awareness of people or matters that you may have been oblivious to. I call this inner activism. Your brain is going to battle with your morals and values, elevating your ethical radar. Internal activism activates a different way of thinking, the type of thinking that has you take a fundamental step forward in re-creating your experience of life from the inside out. We can be on a personal voyage to victory and it all starts in the mind.  

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When we live within the context of being generous it is not only a prescription for personal salvation it is a prescription for political, economic, and personal renewal. To master the gift of generosity begins by being generous with ourselves. How we think, what we do and who we are. Being generous with being forgiving and compassionate is how we can train our minds to be positive and advocate for miracles. Miracles are a shift in our thinking and in this blog series Mindset, Mastery and Miracles I will share tips, resources, skills, and inspiring new actions to support you in mastering using your mind to be a magnet for miracles so you can be empowered to go out into the world and be that miracle for others. 

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