Economics, Evolution & Enlightenment

Only a more enlightened mind can deliver us to an enlightened future, and when most people go through life trapped in economic shackles with little hope, it is hard to turn on that part of your mind that is hungry to seek being awakened.  Enlightenment is not just a buzz word it is a state of being. An understanding and a knowing which often cannot be unlearned. Once you discover it your life can dramatically and positively shift. When we align our values with our level of solutions we can see change and only when we are enlightened to new ways and possibilities can we willingly evolve.  Albert Einstein said “the problems of the world will not be solved on the level of thinking we were at when created them” In this blog series Economic, Evolution and Enlightenment

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 I am committed to sharing things with you so that you may be inspired to evolve through your current circumstances and become an effective and sustainable leader of change; particularly when it comes to our current social economics and unethical practices that drive so much destruction. I believe that political issues are moral issues, especially our economical injustices. The question is not just what can be done about these injustices, the bigger question is who are we that these injustices even exist? Through enlightenment, we can see what we were blind to, particularly our own internal battle to do good when it occurs challenging.  With every unethical crime against humanity, there are two things to be responsible for, who have we been to allow it, and who do we need to become for reconciliation, restoration, and equality for all.

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